Fairtrade Fortnight. For farmers. For the future.

by Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand

Do you know what you’re really buying when you get your morning coffee? How about your afternoon chocolate pick-me-up? We don’t like to think about whether our treats are anything but sweet for the farmers growing the ingredients, but the conditions can sometimes be too bitter to stomach. Coffee, chocolate, tea and cotton can all be produced by farmers and workers earning exploitative wages, child labourers, or in environmentally damaging ways. 

Looking for the Fairtrade Mark removes the shadow of doubt. When you make your coffee Fairtrade, you can be certain we’re working with farmers to make the industry sustainable by paying a fair price for produce, improving environmental standards, and helping communities to build better futures.

Buying Fairtrade chocolate gets us closer to a world without child labour and helps eradicate the practice in cocoa-growing countries where we work, like Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

A cup of Fairtrade tea supports the fight for gender equality in an industry that has a high number of female workers picking tea leaves, but can deny women their rights or make it hard for children to go to school.

Cotton and banana crops can have a terrible effect on the environment, with harmful pesticides and chemicals ending up in waterways; not to mention the health costs to the farmers. Fairtrade’s environmental standards mean your new shirt doesn’t have to cost the earth. Literally.

And spotting the Fairtrade Mark on sports balls ensures a fair price has been paid to the people making them, and that their children are also on the football field, not in a factory.

Fairtrade Fortnight (August 3-16) is a chance to buy a better future for farmers and workers around the world. Next time you shop, look for the Fairtrade Mark and remove the shadow of doubt about where your groceries came from.  



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